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News > El comedor de niños in Barrio Jesús
Dic 20
El comedor de niños in Barrio Jesús
Publicado por Amistad (2694 lecturas)

As written in the earlier text about Patrullas Ecológicas, we have interviewed another person who puts efforts into the work with children. This person is Margarita González who prepares food for children in barrio Jesús on a daily basis.

This takes place in the "Comedor de niños de barrio Jesús" which is 25 meters away from the "Salón Comunal", looking towards Santa Bárbara on the right. It has been there for eleven years.

Towards Doña Margarita, the cause to realize this project was that a lot of children went to school without getting breakfast and some dads rather invested their money in liquor than in providing food for their daughters and sons.

At the moment, the foodbank does not only offer food for children. They also provide food services for the elderly who have difficulties getting to the food kitchen.

Due to the fact that it is the only foodbank close to barrio Jesús, there are about 80 children coming every day. For that reason, the help of anyone is always welcome. "We often do not have enough aliments, especially rice. But generally we need everything eatable, for example vegetables."

The ones working in the foodbank are doing that voluntarily and are supporting the project with their own money to maintain it.

Doña Margarita's response to the question why one continues this work was that it is for God's work and that all of the volunteers there have the wish to help. Another lack is the lack of tables and chairs for children as well as cupboards that provide storage space for aliments. "We are thankful for any donation that one can provide."

By Werner Jacobs

Translated by Lena Kessel and Sophie Thielecke

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