Working experiences from the cleaning staff of the school of Barrio Jesús
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Publicado por Amistad el 20/12/2011

Five days a week Laura Carballo works at the Escuela de Jesús. She makes sure that the school is clean. In this interview she talks about her work.

Amistad Institute: What is the main work you have to do?

Laura Carballo: I have to maintain order and clean the entire school. Aulas, gardens and the rest of the plant.

A I: What do you like most about your work?

L C: (Thinking) I like to maintain order.

A I: How many collaborates do you have?

L C: There is one more person. It is the two of us in charge of the entire school.

A I: What are the biggest problems you are facing?

L C: One problem we have is the lack of material. For example machinery with water to clean the walls and maybe equipment to clean the higher parts of the school.

A I: What do you think of the school in general?

L C: I think that it is an excellent institution of education. We have good staff, excellent teachers and a good administration.

A I: What do you think one has to change in the school?

L C: A lot. We need economical help for example. Furthermore we have to improve the establishment of the school because it is ancient.

A I: What are your plans for the future?

L C: I do not want to keep cleaning. I want to work in the office doing administrative work.

* By Tanja Dragon and Sophie Thielecke

Translated by Lena Kessel and Sophie Thielecke